Stupid Account

3:20:17 PM : Connected to”

3:20:17 PM : System: Thank you for contacting the Mega Wireless Employment Validation Processing Center. In order to serve you better, please only provide the information necessary for employment validation. Please do not provide any income or other sensitive information such as social security number or employee number or bank account numbers.

3:20:22 PM : System: Mikki has joined this session!

3:20:22 PM : System: Connected with Mikki. Your Reference Number for this chat is XXXXXXXX.

3:20:46 PM : Mikki: Hello.

3:20:52 PM : Mikki: How is your day going, Me?

3:21:11 PM : Me: Hi. I submitted my request to register with my work email address. I received the email and clicked the link. I takes me back to a standard Mega Wireless home page with no mention of corporate discounts. I have tried on multiple computers with multiple browser

3:22:29 PM : Mikki: Thank you for that information. I would be happy to assist with your discount today. Are you the primary on the account?

3:22:37 PM : Me: There is no account yet.

3:24:29 PM : Mikki: Thank you for that information. So you do need to have a Mega account in order to validate for a discount. It seems that your work email is registered as a way to validate.

3:25:39 PM : Mikki: Are you still there?

3:25:51 PM : Me: But when I am asked to register, I am given a choice of current customer or new customer.

3:26:04 PM : Me: Why am I given a choice of being a new customer if I need to have an account already?

3:26:34 PM : Mikki: New customer are able to see if their work email is registered as a way to validate.

3:27:12 PM : Me: I do not understand.

3:28:54 PM : Mikki: The discount would need to be linked to an account to be validated for a discount. One our website, you can enter in your work email as a new customer to see if your work email address is registered as a way to validate. But because you do not have an account, it does not link to anything.

3:29:24 PM : Me: So do I use my work account, create a new account, and then go to the discount page to try to make the site know I qualify for a discount?

3:30:49 PM : Mikki: You would qualify for the discount as long as you choose a plan that can have employment discounts.

3:30:59 PM : Mikki: Discounts apply to eligible plans and features. Please note that discounts do not apply to prepaid, promotional, Verizon Plan Unlimited, data only, and already discounted plans.

3:32:00 PM : Me: You are not answering my question, but thank you for trying.