Stupid eBook

You have been transferred to the Customer Support Team. My name is CSR. Please allow me a few moments to review your information before we get started.
10:25:17 AM
Hello Me, my name is CSR. You have reached the Connect Student Chat Support line. Your case number for this interaction is 18874666. How may I help you today?
10:25:37 AM
Hi! I’m trying to access the full text of the book on my account. When I click into the link given by my instructor from our Canvas system, I get a screen that only tells me no assignments are due, but I see no option to view the actual text of the book.
10:26:19 AM
I can definitely assist you in regards with your concern. But before that, may I please have your best call back number in case we got disconnected and your school’s name?
10:26:23 AM
Some College
10:26:43 AM
10:26:49 AM
Awesome! May I also have the name of the course and section of the class please?
10:27:15 AM
Course Number – Course Name – Fall 2020 (2020F7B)
10:27:35 AM
Perfect! And the instructor for that class?
10:28:03 AM
Instructor Name
10:28:58 AM
Awesome! Hang on for a minute, just gonna take a look on that.
10:29:20 AM
Do you happen to have the email address of your instructor?
10:30:18 AM
I do not
10:30:49 AM
I see. Just to verify did you already registered to the class?
10:31:49 AM
Yes. I am logged in to the course via Canvas now. I am able to access the narrated lectures via the Connect link I was given, but not the full text.
10:32:12 AM
So, to confirm, you can now access the eBook?
10:32:27 AM
10:33:37 AM
that is why I am chatting with you.

Stupid IMAP Mailbox

Me: Hi 1, 2, and 3.

I’d like to convert On-Call from going to That Ticketing System to an IMAP account so that we can use This Ticketing System. I know one of you can make this happen for us.



1: Wait, why do you want to make this change? What’s wrong with That Ticketing System?

Me: That Ticketing System does not meet our needs. This Ticketing System does.

2: It seems like we missed an opportunity to have a discussion around enterprise standard applications.


Me: I’m happy to have a discussion and answer any questions. What questions do you have?

1: I’ve disconnected On-Call from That Ticketing System. It will no longer generate tickets.

Me: That’s great. Can 2 or 3 please give us IMAP access to the account now? Again, happy to discuss questions, but last I checked, we have no “enterprise standard” preventing us from using This Ticketing System.

<a day passes>

Me: 2, 3, So, we still have no access to On-Call. I know people are emailing it and we cannot respond.

<a day passes>

Me: Hi 2, 3, 2’s Manager, 3’s Manager, Me’s Manager,

We still have no access to On-Call. See this long email thread below.

2’s Manager: Is there a ticket for this?

3: I’ll make a ticket!

Me: Here’s all the details of the request, 2’s Manager.

<a day passes>

Me: All, we still have no access as of this morning.

3: I enabled access last week, and told 2’s Manager!

Me: … Great, we can access it in Email Client, but we still have no IMAP access to the mailbox so cannot use This Ticketing System…