Stupid Marketing Department

Client: So, I have a request from the Marketing department. A Macbook pro. How would one of those thrive in a Windows world (I have at least one Windows application that would be needed). And can you sell?

Me: I cannot. However, it will be a PITA unless you just “set it and forget it,” which is never the right answer. WHY do they think they need a Mac? If they say “it’s better for graphics” that’s BS – it’s not 1999 anymore.

Client: Because they are in the Marketing/graphics department.

Me: What specific applications do they need? Adobe CS?
“We like Macs.” That’s their justification.
Just imagine – any tools you have to manage your Windows devices – you now need another one of every single tool.
for one computer.

Client: On the mac? It´s call brightauthor…….used to publish to digital signs we have all over the place

Me: Oh BrightSign?

Client: Yes

Me: Uhhh… they make Windows software…
I wasn’t even aware that they made a Mac version…

Client: They don´t make a mac version….hence that is the one application that might stop mac from makking

Me: So Marketing wants a Mac for something that you can’t run on a Mac? Am I missing something?

Client: Nope. You got it

Me: You are welcome.