Stupid Customer

7:53 pm Barry: Hello Me, good day!

7:53 pm Me: Hello! My customer owns the domain, which was set up in Office 365. However, she does not know her tenant ID.

7:55 pm Barry: Is this for a customer?

7:55 pm Me: …

Stupid Request

Project Manager: I’m checking on the status of this request. <includes a graphical screenshot of an email thread in which a request for system access is made, discussion is had around the request, and a mention of difficulty getting access to the system is also made.>

Me: What exactly are you asking: if access was granted to this system, or if the trouble connecting which was reported was resolved?

PM: I am checking on the status of the request.

Me: I still don’t know what you’re asking. If you’re asking if access was provisioned, it was, over six months ago. If you’re asking about the difficulty connecting, I know nothing of that.

PM: thank you