Stupid Culture

Jason: Hello Name,
It’s Jason, the Culture Trainer at Company- just checking in to see how you’re doing.
Just in case you haven’t heard- I’ve got a Culture Webinar (Based Upon Tech Performance) coming up next week.  It’ll be on August 19, at 10:00am PST.  This is an ideal webinar for Operations Leadership, Service Management and CEO’s (sic) who oversee the day to day operations.
ExpertHR:  Techs – How Company Culture can Limit Intellectual Performance
Also, I recently wrote a Culture-based whitepaper- which I’ve attached.  Feel free to check this out later today.
I’m here to help, and if you’d like to schedule a call, just hit REPLY!
Hope to talk to you soon,
Jason Example
Certified DISC & Culture Consultant

Me: Unsubscribe

Jason: Well this was a personal email, so I’m not sure how to unsubscribe you.

I will ask my Marketing Department how to accommodate.

Me: Just take me off your list / address book.



Jason: Done, thank you for the heads up.

Happy to teach you how to use email, Jason!