Stupid Email Address

Every now and then, some idiot types my email address in as their own. This has happened to people applying for jobs, ordering stuff, telephone service, and, most recently, when an idiot signed up for some gaming service using my Gmail address. Our two email addresses are nothing alike. Our names are similar, but not that similar. There’s no reason for this mishap, other than stupidity.

So today, I got a chat request from this idiot, which, since I don’t know him, I simply ignored. Shortly after, I received this email:

Subject: hello man plsss i need ur help pls just say me that ur reading my mails and ill write all that u need to know that im not  scamer or some idiot…i just need help from u coz i have register my game account on ur mail adress by mistake :S and sry bout that ….pls replay me anything

Uhm… yeah… you are some idiot.

It Is Stupid

Realtor: There is a problem with the sprinkler system. We need to have someone investigate. Do you know anything about this?

Me: I did receive an email from the trustee, mentioning maintenance on the sprinkler system, but she did not mention your message, so I do not know if this is related or purely coincidental.

Realtor: It is.

Me: It is related or coincidental. Got it. I like your logic.

Stupid Limits

Meetup organizer: “… because we know it’s important to some members to make pals in their age range, but we do not limit by age and welcome all above 21.”

“Above 21” is what we commonly refer to as a lower limit.